PebbleRock Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 Schedule

Here are the dates we currently have booked for Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.

To contact us about booking, email us at:

Or phone or text us at:


12/1 Pebble Creek Italian Club Poinsettia Ball. Contact PC Italian Club for details.
12/31 PebbleCreek NYEve Party. Contact PC Activities for details.
1/9 Private Party
1/24 TBA
1/25 Private Party, Chianti Room, PC
1/27 The Wigwam, Arts in the Park, Litchfield Park Special Events
3/4 Colorado Party contact the PC Colorado Club for details
3/12 Mary Cousins Realtor PC FREE
Celebration Party for Charity 7-9 pm
contact Mary Cousins Realty for details about how to get tickets for this free event.
3/29 City of Buckeye Arts in the Park concert in Sundance neighborhood. Contact the City of Buckeye for details.
4/27 PebbleCreek End of Season party. Contact PC Activities for details.

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